Each student’s academic journey demands a different approach to achieve success. At Fusion, a kid’s success is not only defined by his grades, but by his social and emotional growth as well. We help students find their own success in our unique one-to-one classrooms.

Although our approach to education reaches beyond academic boundaries, we calculate our tuition on the number of courses taken in a semester, type of courses, and campus attending. Each class taken by full-time students includes equal time in our teacher-assisted Homework Café®.

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How many class sessions are in a semester course?

This depends on the class and the campus. Standard courses are 25 total class sessions, Honors, Extended and Middle School are 30.

How many semesters are in a full-time year at Fusion?

Although Fusion can enroll students any time of year, and some students may complete their classes in a shorter amount of time when appropriate, Fusion follows a two or three-semester school year depending on state requirements, similar to most other local schools.

What is “extended?"

For students who need extra time to cover a difficult subject, this option extends the course completion time to that of a traditional school semester (30 class sessions).

What is the Homework Café®?

The Homework Café® takes the home out of homework, and keeps it at school where it belongs. There are two different Homework Cafés on each Fusion campus – one social café, and one quiet café. Our Homework Café® Director is available all day during school hours to assist students in need of help with homework and help facilitate fun social activities. Best of all, parents aren’t fighting with their kids about homework – rather, enjoying their time together.

Is Homework Café® included?

Students enrolled for a single class or full-time course load benefit from equal use of our Homework Café® per class time. Students taking tutoring sessions at Fusion or enrolled in other schools may also take advantage of our teacher-assisted Homework Café® for a small hourly fee.

Does Fusion offer honors or AP courses?

Fusion offers Honors level courses. We also offer preparation support for Students who wish to take the AP exam. We do not offer AP courses.

Are books and computers supplied for students?

Since homework is done in the Homework Café®, there’s no need for the books to go home with students. Fusion provides books on campus that can be checked out. Fusion also provides computers for the students to use on campus for school work.

How does Fusion address the social and emotional needs of their students?

Fusion is intentional about the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. Socially, Fusion is a small school environment but offers plenty of social opportunities on and off campus. In our social Homework Café® you’ll find students working on projects, playing games, or sharing ideas together. Depending on the student’s needs, we may focus on the current emotional state of a student before teaching a subject. We partner with many local therapists and have resources to help students who need additional emotional support outside of Fusion.

Why is there a tuition “range?”

The full-time tuition ranges represent a variation of quantity of classes. If a student is taking 4 courses, the tuition is determined by multiplying the course cost by 4. The higher end of the full-time tuition range represents the cost of 7 courses. For specific tuition costs, we encourage you to contact your local campus Director of Admissions and Outreach.

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