Steven Racelis

Regional Vice President - East Region

Steve brings a proven, passionate, and personable approach Sales and Marketing. He believes hiring, developing, and promoting people who are focused an exceptional customer service is the only way to build a sustainable model. He adores the EPIC! values that Fusion founders laid out when creating Fusion Education Group.

Steve takes pride in his continual learning approach to improving himself and his team. Some favorite inspirational books are Linchpin, Do the Work, First Break all the Rules, and anything from Jim Collins (Built to Last, Good to Great, and Greater by Choice). He also loves the work by Jack Daly and has built his career on employing his sage advice in building customer-facing teams. He has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Indiana University and has had experience working in Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Industrial Design, Product Management, Six Sigma, Customer Scheduling, Capacity Planning and Consumer Research.

Steve and Gail live in beautiful Holland, Michigan with their three children – Jocelyn, Blake, and Charlie. Having met and wed in Chicago over 20 years ago, they are lifelong Cubs and Bears fans. On any given weekend, you are likely to find the Racelis’ at the beach, in Steve’s prized 1965 Beetle, chasing the kids around, or golfing.

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