Kate Hermosura

Regional Director of Admissions and Outreach

As Director of Admissions and Outreach, Kate helps prospective families determine if Fusion is the right fit. She also ensures that Fusion Marin is a contributing member of the community — with a knowledge of neighboring schools, parent groups, and professional resources such as tutors, family therapists, and education consultants, Kate understands how to guide students and their families.

Before joining Fusion Marin, Kate was Director of Admissions and Outreach at the Los Angeles Fusion campus. There Kate worked for three years building the second Fusion campus, the first replication of the model that started in Solana Beach in 1989.

Kate was a parochial school teacher for three years before she came to Fusion. Kate has taught high school biology, psychology, health, and comparative religion. At University of California Irvine, Kate earned a B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior with a Minor in Biology. Kate has a Master’s in Public Health from Charles Drew University, and she started her career as an Emergency Room Scribe, assisting doctors and patients. Underlying every role she’s held is a passion for connecting with and helping others.

Kate was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is new to the San Francisco Bay. She’s having an amazing time exploring her new home! Kate loves the sun, discovering great restaurants, old friends and new, music of all kinds, being in nature, biking and climbing and, most of all, traveling the world. She dislikes shopping for clothes and bugs that bite humans.

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