Joseph Thompson

Head Of School

Thomas Aquinas College, B.A. Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi, M.A. English

Joseph first came to Fusion in 2013 as an English/history teacher. He previously taught in classical schools, university classrooms, and even in unique “unlearning” environments. However, the opportunities he found in Fusion’s classroom affirmed his developing interest in alternative education and reignited his passion for creative, project-based instruction.

In February of 2014, he moved into the role of Middle School Assistant Director at Fusion Academy Warner Center. In this role, he supported students, parents, and teachers to create a community of active learning and academic achievement. He moved to the High School Assistant Director position in February of 2015, providing the same level of support to students facing new challenges of planning for independent life beyond high school.

Joseph was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He moved to Southern California in 2004 for his B.A. in Liberal Arts at Thomas Aquinas College near Ojai, CA. He did his graduate work in literature, studying William Faulkner, Southern lit, and theory at the University of Mississippi, where he earned an M.A. in English in 2010. He and his wife found themselves back in Southern California after that, where he started his career in education.

He is greatly pleased to return to his native Texas home and is excited to lead The Woodlands campus as it strives to provide personalized learning to each of its students.

In his free time, Joseph spends time with his wife and three daughters doing wife-and-three-daughter stuff.

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