David Burrus

Head of School

David holds a Masters of Education, a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a teaching credential from the University of California, Riverside. For more than a decade, he has devoted himself to a diverse array of teaching interactions with 6th-12th grade students as well as children and adults in other nations. He taught in Southern California and served as a middle school’s English Department Chair before relocating to Germany to write a book and lead an arts-focused organization using social action, mentorship, and creative media to draw attention to extreme poverty in developing nations. For the past three years, David has excelled as Assistant Director for the Solana Beach campus, taking full ownership of our class-for-credit and tutoring programs as well as providing critical support for the full time program. David brings vision and passion to his role as Captain on Fusion University City’s maiden voyage. Ever curious, David loves to discuss a wide variety of topics and marvels at how one tidbit of information can lead to amazing connections. He and his wife Angelle have just become parents and, given the opportunity, will excitedly share the newest picture or video of their daughter Charlie.

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