Students sitting around table

Why one-to-one works.

Self-Paced Learning
We practice Mastery Learning – which means students must master a lesson before moving on to the next. So if a student is struggling with a topic, the teacher works with them until it clicks. And if that student is a natural when it comes to another topic, they might advance to the next lesson early.

Customized Teaching Styles
Traditional lecture-based classes don’t work for everyone. Students learn differently, so our teachers tailor instruction to suit each student’s unique learning style and interests. A student might learn math through music or English through graphic novels. Our cross-curricular teaching approach makes Fusion ideal for students with learning differences such as ADHD or dyslexia or for those who don’t feel motivated.

Homework Café®

Between class sessions or at the end of the school day, homework happens in our Homework Café® – a relaxed and comfortable space where students can complete assignments with teacher assistance and meet quietly with other kids. At Fusion, we find that keeping homework at school eliminates nightly homework battles, improves the quality of family time, and keeps kids excited about learning.