Our students have one thing in common: traditional school isn’t working.


Many of our students feel they don’t ‘fit’ at a traditional school. That sense of not belonging can make school an uninspiring place to be. We serve kids who aren’t flourishing in a conventional environment, and offer them a community where they feel connected, supported and understood. When students experience the Fusion fit, learning starts to happen in a big way!

Every student is different. While it’s impossible to put our students into categories, we generally serve kids with the following backgrounds:

Student and Teacher

Our private, one-to-one classrooms minimize distractions and help keep kids with ADHD focused. Additionally, our teachers customize lessons to students’ interests to keep them engaged with the material. And because all homework happens on campus in our Homework Café®, evening homework struggles are a thing of the past.

Accelerated/Gifted Learners
One-to-one classrooms let students set their own learning pace – which is essential for keeping gifted learners engaged. Flexible scheduling allows students to complete courses more quickly, graduating early if they choose.

Learning Differences and Disabilities
Our one-to-one learning environment allows teachers to work with students who have mild learning differences and average to above-average cognitive ability. We also partner with outside professionals as needed and maintain clear communication between families, the school and outside professionals.

Social Challenges and School Anxiety
Our safe, supportive classrooms and campus minimize the stressors that can negatively affect students – like competition, peer pressure and bullying. By teaching compassion in the classroom and acceptance on campus, our teachers help kids deal with emotions constructively and make school a comfortable place to be.

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