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About Fusion Education Group

Fusion Education Group (formerly American Education Group) is an organization committed to changing lives – one student at a time. Fusion Education Group provides strategic leadership and direction for Fusion and also handles operations and development. By focusing on building a sustainable model for revolutionary, relationship-based teaching and learning, Fusion teachers and administrators are free to dedicate their time and energy to what they do best: creating a supportive campus environment where every kid can flourish – emotionally, socially and academically.

History of Fusion Education Group

Fusion Education Group was founded in 2007 as American Education Group (AEG) to facilitate the growth of schools specializing in individualized learning.

In 2008, AEG Founder Peter Ruppert heard about Fusion Academy in Solana Beach, CA and its one-to-one teaching model. From his first campus visit, he knew Fusion was special and could change the lives of students across the country.

Later that year, AEG and Fusion Academy partnered to open additional campuses – taking care to stay true to the Fusion ‘vibe’ and its revolutionary mission. The first new campus opened in 2010 in Los Angeles, CA and immediately met a pressing need for families and students.

By 2012, 12 more campuses were changing the lives of students in California and New York. Seeing the power of the Fusion approach to teaching and learning, AEG decided to sell its other school divisions to focus entirely on Fusion. As a reflection of its dedication to the Fusion mission and approach, AEG officially changed its name to Fusion Education Group in 2013.

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