You may be one student away from making a difference at Fusion.


Fusion culture is as unique as the students we serve, but it doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of an intentional system of dynamics that include: the one-to-one learning model; our approach to curriculum and mastery learning; our physical space design (including lighting and aroma); our insistence on authenticity; and our positive connections with each other.  Fusion teachers sincerely support each other and each student’s personal style, abilities and goals. And they come from a place of compassion so students feel accepted and loved. Most importantly, we believe that teaching and learning should be F-U-N. If you can’t embrace a little wackiness at work, Fusion may not be for you… Our students may not always remember what they are taught, but they don’t forget how we make them feel. That’s culture.

How We Teach

You know those kids you see in other middle and high schools? That’s what our kids look like too. The only difference is our kids benefit from our personalized school environment because:

  • They may be bored because they’re underachieving or over-achieving.
  • They may have psychological stressors, lost hope or lost interest.
  • They may be gifted or have a learning difference — or both.
  • They may be in transition or just need a flexible schedule.
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Enter Fusion’s revolutionary approach to school. Our teaching method is unique and effective: one student and one teacher for the entire class period. We have an opportunity to let students know, one by one and one to one, that we are there for them—literally. Only then can we effectively present course material in a focused environment, at a pace and in a style that suits each student. Being able to sit next to a student and read his paper for the fourth time, or let that student know that you remember his grandmother just got out of the hospital …that’s not just teaching. That’s Fusion.

The Classroom Environment

Imagine a room about the size of a typical office. Now imagine it with just two desks and two chairs. Add books, technology, whiteboards, soft lighting and décor chosen to reflect the academic content and the teacher’s personality. In a class of dozens, customizing instruction to each student takes a backseat to classroom management and teaching to the middle. But at Fusion, each classroom is a haven for relaxed but focused learning.

What is a Fusionite?

Like most good educators, “Fusionites” are passionate about the learning process and the subjects they teach.

We care A LOT about building relationships, communication, collaboration, innovation, working hard, positivity and being open-minded. You’ll find that Fusionites have a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional confidence that make us approachable – everyone likes to talk to us! We think that teaching and learning should be fun and even a little silly.

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Fusionites have diverse experience and backgrounds: some are credentialed, some have special education background and teaching experience, and some are just great content experts.  We love to promote from within in order to support new opportunities, new positions, and new schools that are opening across the country.

Are you a game-changer? Do you lead by caring?  Maybe you’re a Fusionite…

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