Is Fusion a real school?

Absolutely. Fusion is an accredited 6-12 school that prepares kids for whatever their next step might be – whether it’s a 4-year college, art school, a post-secondary training program, or the pursuit of a personal passion. Our teachers are all qualified to teach in their area of expertise and are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree – although many hold master’s degrees or higher.

Because every student has different goals and aspirations, we offer three course levels: essential, college prep and honors. The levels vary in subject matter and difficulty, and prepare students in different ways. For those who are college-bound, our standard and honors classes get them ready for that next step.

Is Fusion a College Prep school?

Yes, if that’s what your kid is looking for. Because every student has different goals and aspirations, we offer three course levels: essential, college prep and honors. The levels vary in subject matter and difficulty, and prepare students in different ways.

For those who are college-bound, our college prep and honors classes prepare them for a successful college experience. Many of our students go on to higher education at top colleges.

What can I expect in a Fusion classroom?

At Fusion, each classroom is designed to inspire and engage students in the material being taught. And unlike in traditional schools, the classroom is designed for one teacher and one student to focus on a single topic for the entire period. There are no distractions or stressors to impede connection and learning.

How is Fusion Different?

Fusion is different because we put relationships first. We’ve created a community of learning where students develop positive relationships that unlock academic potential. We believe that unless a student experiences a positive connection with a teacher – unless that student feels seen, heard and truly understood – learning and growth won’t happen. We also understand that every student has different learning pathways – and it’s our job to discover them. It’s part of the reason why every class is one-to-one. A one-to-one learning environment enables teachers to find the best way into a subject for each student, igniting their innate passion for learning, growth and connection. Our campus environment also makes Fusion different.

One-to-one classrooms eliminate stressors and distractions and allow students to truly connect with their teachers and the material. Socializing with peers happens after class in a safe, supportive environment that allows kids to connect meaningfully with others – often forming deep relationships.

Many are surprised to learn that we don’t send schoolwork home. Homework happens in our Homework Café® so students can complete lessons while on campus – with access to support if needed. By keeping homework at school, we eliminate many of the struggles that cause tension at home.

At Fusion, we believe students need to be active participants in their lives and ‘own’ their dreams and goals. But we also believe in a team approach to learning and growth. This is why we conduct an IROC – Individual Reassessment of Commitment – every three months. The IROC is unique to Fusion, and a big part of what makes the Fusion experience so positive for so many students. In an IROC, all of a student’s teachers come together to discuss his or her progress and any challenges that need to be addressed. The IROC is much more than an academic assessment – it’s a multi-dimensional look at the total student. The collaborative process helps the entire team find creative ways to encourage the emotional, social and academic growth of each student.


Who does Fusion serve? Not serve?

Our students have one thing in common: traditional school isn’t working. Many of our students feel they don’t ‘fit’ at a traditional school. That feeling of not belonging can make school a miserable place to be. We serve kids who aren’t flourishing in a conventional environment, and we offer them a community where they feel connected, supported and understood. When students experience the Fusion ‘fit’, learning starts to happen in a big way!

Fusion isn’t for every kid. Students who are happy and thriving in traditional schools aren’t usually a good fit at Fusion. We’re a different kind of place built to connect with kids who feel disconnected and uninspired in a conventional environment. While it’s impossible to put our students into categories, we generally serve students with the following backgrounds:

ADHD: Our private, one-to-one classrooms minimize distractions and help keep kids with ADHD focused. Additionally, our teachers customize lessons to students’ interests to keep them engaged with the material. And because all homework happens on campus in our Homework Café, evening homework struggles are a thing of the past.

Accelerated/Gifted Learners: One-to-one classrooms let students set their own learning pace – which is essential for keeping gifted learners engaged. Flexible scheduling allows students to complete courses more quickly, graduating early if they choose.

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Learning Differences: Our one-to-one learning environment allows teachers to focus on helping each student flourish. We also partner with outside professionals as needed and maintain clear communication between families, the school and outside professionals.

Social Challenges and School Anxiety: Our safe, supportive campus environment and one-to-one classrooms minimize the stressors that negatively affect students at traditional schools. Our teachers work to help kids deal with their emotions and feel comfortable in our community.

Transition from Boarding School and Treatment Programs: For students who have spent time at a boarding school, wilderness program, or treatment center, but who are not ready to return to a traditional school, Fusion provides the ideal bridge – enabling kids to reintegrate in a safe, supportive environment.

Students with Challenging Schedules: Many Fusion students have outside activities or careers that make the rigid scheduling of traditional schools impossible. Actors, athletes, musicians and others find our completely customizable schedules to be ideal. At Fusion, everything is built around the needs of the student – from course times, to the number of classes taken each week, to accelerated courses, to year-round enrollment.

How do Fusion students develop social skills in a one-to-one teaching environment?

At Fusion, just like in a traditional school, socializing should happen outside the classroom. In addition to impromptu conversations on campus, Fusion offers students a range of opportunities to socialize – from student meetings, to fun nights, to Prom, to our annual spring break international expedition. Because every student at Fusion is unique, and because we teach grades 6 through 12, we closely monitor social interactions among students and intervene when necessary – working through challenges and promoting constructive relationships.

The social opportunities for students at Fusion are different than at traditional schools, but often deeper. The intentional mixing of different ages allows older kids to mentor younger ones, and kids at different developmental places to find people they can relate to regardless of age. The small size of our community means we’re constantly aware of social dynamics, and lets us provide students with a safe place to develop their social skills.

How does a one-to-one teaching environment benefit my kid?

We know that every kid is different, and every kid learns differently. In a one-to-one environment, teachers can connect to students is ways that unlock their passion for learning. And with a teacher and student working together for an entire period, there’s not an opportunity for kids to ‘space out’ and ‘disconnect’ from the material being covered. The focus is much more intense than in a traditional classroom. And, because the classroom is customized to each kid’ s unique learning style, the pace of learning can be ‘tweaked’ from class to class – giving kids control of their own learning. And when students feel connected and in control, they work harder, do better, and really flourish.

Can you prove that Fusion provides a quality education?

Fusion is an accredited 6-12 school, and all of our teachers are qualified to teach in their area of expertise and are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree – although many hold Master ’s degrees or higher . But even more essential to the Fusion approach is our commitment to one-to-one education. A one-to-one learning environment empowers our teachers to find the very best way into a subject for each student, igniting their innate passion for learning, growth and connection.

This is why we do so well reaching kids who feel lost in traditional one-size-fits-all classrooms. While we never ‘teach to the test’, we constantly monitor and assess students’ progress. Before moving on to the next topic, students must demonstrate mastery. Mastery is determined through discussions of the material and written exams, always taking into account a student’s individual learning style.

The quality of a Fusion education is measured across many dimensions – including test scores, NWEA growth measures, college acceptances, and the number of kids who stay in school. But to us, one of the most important validations of our approach is listening to kids, and their parents, talk about how Fusion has changed their lives for the better. We understand that every student has different strengths, challenges and goals, so there can be no one metric for ‘success’. Students flourish in so many ways.

How do students flourish after Fusion?

Fusion is about helping students write their own stories. And every story is different. For some, the next page in the book is a 4-year college. For others, the goal is to feel comfortable in their own skin and ready to meet the world head on. We don’t have one definition of ‘success’ – what we do is support and prepare students to be ready for the next step that feels right for them.

How does Fusion prepare students for the real world?

Flourishing in the ‘real world’ requires more than just book smarts. It takes an ability to connect with others and emotional resilience. This is where Fusion really makes a difference in the lives of our students. Because we begin with the belief that positive and constructive relationships are key to flourishing academically, socially and emotionally, our students are uniquely prepared to meet the world head on.

The strong interpersonal communication skills students develop through interacting with adults in our one-to-one classrooms equip them to advocate for themselves post-Fusion. Plus, as an accredited 6-12 school, parents and students can feel confident that Fusion prepares kids academically for their next step.

What does a Fusion Academy graduation look like?

We are proud of the thousands of students who have achieved their Fusion diploma and have moved on to do great things. While the majority of our students have gone on to college, success and life direction are defined individually.

To learn more about graduation visit our Graduation Page