It seems that people always take time out to complain, whether it be a service that was not provided as expected, a teacher who a parent may feel is too tough on their kid, and so on. I am emailing you for the exact opposite reason.

One of your teachers Tom McGann has a gift. He teaches math, which to many is very dry and boring. This holds true for my son Max. He has not enjoyed Math since 3rd grade.

I enrolled him into Fusion the end of September. Max is a good kid, but does not enjoy or understand math. Obviously I was concerned when he entered Fusion Academy. I knew he could no longer hide from this fear. He had to face it head on, being the only one in the class.

The first day of math comes, I’m already feeling nervous. I asked Max about his day, he responds with all positive feedback. I then go on to ask about the teachers. He actually thinks they are all fantastic. I even asked about his Math teacher. Max’s face lit up. He went on to tell me what an amazing guy he is, how he takes something Max finds so boring and makes it interesting. Mr McGann has the ability to show my son why we actually need certain math in order to be successful at our careers. I am so thrilled that Tom McGann has been able to provide the academic and more importantly the real life piece that most kids never seem to relate to. Thankfully Max truly does, and has Mr. McGann to thank for that. Although Max has only been with Fusion for a short time, the impact these teachers have made, are nothing short of amazing.

Best Regards,

Andrea Schwartz

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