“Think about all the energy you spend on the past. What if you spent that on the present?”

That question was the premise of my ‘ah-hah’ moment at a recent leadership training with fellow Houston-area Fusionites. I realized that in dwelling in the past, I have been neglectful of the present.
As you might imagine, it wasn’t a traditional leadership seminar. At Fusion, very few of them have been (traditional). Prior to Fusion, I had never been a part of an organization that so values both personal and professional growth. It’s a value I have the honor of passing on to my colleagues as Master Teacher at Fusion Sugar Land.

Don’t get me wrong, professional development has been a part of my journey too. After just a few months at Fusion Houston Galleria, I shared my goal of becoming a Master Teacher with the leadership team. They helped me get to where I am today, even if it was at a new campus nearby.

Personal and professional growth weren’t always a part of the equation for me. Though I have always worked with children—a passion I became aware of early on—I always felt stifled in my career before Fusion.

After just 10 minutes on a Fusion campus, I knew: This place was going to reignite my passion for teaching. I noticed the Fusion difference right away—the ability to teach the student, rather than the subject. Instead of focusing on a rigid curriculum and classroom management, at Fusion, I’m able to get to know my students and their passions. Then, I develop lessons I know will make them curious about learning.

There’s a reason we see incredible transformations in our learners: Fusion teachers are just like Fusion students. We are passionate and unique, and we can’t be put in a box. We value and thrive in close relationships.

Just as our students benefit from the social and emotional connections built with our teachers, our teachers can benefit from those same connections with fellow Fusionites. For that reason, at Fusion Sugar Land, we’re developing a mentorship program to pair Fusion teachers with members of our administration team. The focus will be on the personal growth of our teachers—who they want to be, and how we can help them get there.

The truth is, we’re all works in progress. But if we focus on the present, and on being our best selves, we better serve the incredible students who come through our doors every day.

Ahmad Hernandez is Master Teacher at Fusion Academy Sugar Land. He started teaching at the Houston Galleria campus in March 2015, where he taught middle- and high-school level English, Math and Spanish. Before Fusion, Ahmad taught Art for four years at Amigos Por Vida / Friends For Life Charter School.

Ahmad earned his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Rice University. He has worked as an actor, director, stage manager and sound designer for various Houston-area theaters, including The Alley Theatre, Main Street Theater, and Stages Repertory Theatre. He has also worked at Children’s Museum of Houston, where he managed outreach partnerships with over 400 non-profit organizations in the Houston area.

Ahmad has a passion for Legos, contemporary art and literature, and music. He has been a member of Comedysportz Houston for over 15 years. Despite what his name suggests, he is Mexican-American. His parents just liked the name.

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