Mark September 5th, 2017 in Fusion history as the first time three new Fusion campuses opened on one day. Fusion Loudoun in Virginia, Fusion Montclair in New Jersey, and Fusion Rockville in Maryland each had their very first day this week. Congratulations, new Fusionites! We’re so excited to have you as part of our nation-wide Fusion family!

Fusion Loudoun

“Best first day of school EVER!” –Nick, Grade 7

“I feel like I’m in college.” – Zoe, Grade 12 (On being able to go out for lunch)

“This place is a breath of fresh air!” –Ethan, Grade 10

I, personally, was impressed by the zero level of tension in and around the school.  It was an awesome thing to watch and be a part of!! – Colleen Mosley, Director of Admissions and Outreach

Wright came into my classroom ready to learn but he was not sure what direction to take. We spent some time trying out a few different instruments, but he kept wanting to go back to the drums. On the drum set he was attentive and happy. I don’t think he stopped smiling until he left the classroom where he told me: “I’m looking forward to coming back.” I could not have asked for a better first day. Thank you! – Shawn Hatfield, Music Teacher/Mentor


Fusion Montclair

Today was a surreal whirlwind. The past few weeks have been non-stop preparations, but once our students and teachers arrived and disbursed to their respective classrooms, it suddenly felt eerily peaceful. The calm was short-lived, however, as we had News 12 NJ stop by the campus for some coverage about Fusion and our opening. That was exciting and unexpected to say the least. I almost passed out doing the on-camera interview, but managed to get through it unscathed.

The students bonded so well and took a trip to Starbucks together during lunch, which was great to see. In the early afternoon the fire alarm went off, and we evacuated the campus due to a smoke detector being set off in the juice bar located in the basement of our building…so that happened, too! As I write this now, all the students and teachers have left for the day, and I’m just about to head out myself. I’m not really sure where the past 11 hours have gone, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. – David Ciauro, Interim Head of School

Fusion Rockville

New Rockville students Rockin’ their first day at Fusion Rockville!


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